'YOUR OCEANS' are the most precious resource for ALL of US!

    The NUVessel Project is doing what this world has always been looking for, Something Real!
    WWE are creating UNUversal UNUversity NUVessels for RealSurvival!

    The Purpose Of

    The Nations United UNUversal UNUversity Projects IS ALLHumanitarian Projects And Education. We Are Doing Our Part To Educate The Public About What Is Really Taking Place On Earth. Our First Project Is To Build The Worlds Largest ALLSolar Oceanic Research Vessels, Because Our Oceans Are So Heavily Polluted. We Are Planning To Build The ALLSolar Research Vessel At Orange Coast College,
    Costa Mesa, California. We Are Here As The WorldWide Educators and Nations United UNUversal UNUversity To Help You 'Cleanup Your Ocean.' We Are Looking To 'the Students Of The World' As The Main Support For This Beneficial Project And Education, As They Are The Future That Is Taking Place Now. We Will Also Be Implementing Commercial Hydroponic Installations That Produce RealFood. In The Near Future We Will Be Adding The NUSchool UNUversity, Which Will Provide A Greater Education For ALLHumanity.

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    Sam Napor

    Atmospheric Generators, Nano Flow Cells, Renewables, unlisted Technologies, Business Plan Writers, Permaculture, Mushrooms, Beekeeping, Prefab Housing, Bamboo, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Hydroponics and more

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